Julie’s TTT. An original flute method by Julie Needham Wright. B.Ed Hons ARCM LGSM


“Following in the footsteps of my famous ancestor, the famous flautist and professor Vincent Needham; my inspirations on the essence of flute playing”.
My great-uncle was Vincent Needham Jr. and my great, great-uncle was Vincent Needham Sr. He was a principal with the Halle and RLPO and teacher at the Manchester College of Music and Liverpool College of Music.
English Flute Culture : Vincent Needham, Jr., became Geoffrey Gilbert’s first flute teacher at 12. Needham, Jr. was an experienced orchestral player, and wrote and taught from a method handed down from his father, Vincent Needham, Sr. (1856-1916), who had played principal flute in the famous Halle´ Orchestra for 16 years before WWI and whose teachers were Edward de Jong and Jean Firmin Brossa.

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